Great Detachment


Six senses flying in heaven as though they aren’t sinning anymore.

Away from the noises of responsibility that beckons to do chores.

Good days are finally in the driver’s seat to create total enchantment.

Really glad to announce that I’m a part of the great detachment.

Is it a crime to remain idle? Well, that’s what everyone says. Wasting time, watching tv, chatting with friends, etc, etc. But these things are actually quite interesting compared to the boring lectures that we hear in classrooms which are already published in the textbooks. Being jobless is again treated like a communicable disease that makes a person feel like an “untouchable”. Being idle is feeling the real self which has remained hidden deep within. To enhance creativity, elevate capacity and expand curiosity idleness is much needed. When a purpose is added it makes idleness also productive. Writers, poets and artists utilize their idleness to visualize a beautiful concept. Let’s not take idleness too seriously as if it a contagion. If used as a tool it can create wonders 😎😎😎.

When I saw you in the palace where you live last year,

I never thought I would fall for you at the first sight.

Although you did feel the same way for me then,

but still I never conveyed my feelings to you once.

Maybe my ego came in front of me before I even,

could confess that my heart always kept calling you.

Love life ain’t as easy as I thought it would be maybe,

I didn’t deserve the affection you had for me my baby.

The moments that we spent cannot be forgotten,

even if I rejected to live with your big joint family.

Now that you have moved on with someone new,

All I have is the shades of you and your memories.

They grabbed eyeballs of everyone in the city with their sizzling chemistry.

She was from South and he was from the North looking like some fantasy.

Hey beautiful! is what he called her whilst she tried hard to make money.

In the end they turned into faded lovers because of the religious rivalry.

Vinay lost Maya in a car accident just a couple of days after their marriage. He was interviewed by lots of journalists post that incident and Janvi happened to be one of them. She was dressed in a baggy pant and blue tee. He picked up a fight with her for asking silly questions which hurt her a lot. She tried to forget his insulting words but couldn’t get over him. One fine day she met him in a supermarket and tried sorting out their differences. Surprisingly, Vinay also wanted to apologise for his mean behavior. They became good friends from then onwards and frequently met each other in restaurants and parks. After a lot of contemplating by both they realized that there was something more than just friendship between them. On 5th July, 2018 which was Janvi’s birthday, Vinay officially proposed her with a diamond ring. He confessed that he fell in love for the second time and would treat her better than he did to his late lover cum wife Maya. Janvi was touched by his sentimental gestures and immediately accepted his love.

Daksh Khanna was the quintessential good boy of Lonavala High and every chick adored him. But he only loved his studies more than anything else. Muktee Gupta was the class topper every year and also a winner of eight gold medals in swimming. She was always dressed in fancy clothes like a celebrity and craved everyone’s attention. On the other hand Yamini Verma was a plain Jane without makeup and always messed up.

During project allotment , Daksh & Yamini were paired together and their topic was to explain “the law of attraction.” Both had similar tastes in terms of books , movies and music. So it wasn’t difficult for both to work together for a project.

Whilst they were engrossed in preparation , Muktee grew jealous. She tried her level best to trap Yamini so that she could replace her just to be with Daksh. But fate wanted him and Yamini united so all the evil tricks of Muktee failed miserably.

The best project award went to Daksh & Yamini and the whole school was proud. After a couple of days they realized that during the process of working together both of them actually fell for each other. On a warm Sunday afternoon in May , Daksh stood in the backyard of Yamini’s house with a thing wrapped in white paper. Yamini came running down silently and told him to go away. But he didn’t. He removed the paper and the thing turned out to be a bouquet filled with red roses. Daksh fell to his knees and confessed his love for Yamini. She started crying like a baby and embraced him saying that she too loved him.

There stood a lonely tree in the deserted valley.

Unperturbed by the noises of a concrete jungle.

Sky was crystal clear sans any blemish upon it.

Dried up grass awaited tiny li’l droplets of rain.

But it appeared as if the clouds were in hiding.

Disappointed with the absence of lush greenery.

Night never sparkled like a sunny day ever before.

And beautiful darkness spread all over like wildfire.

Love after Divorce  

Siddharth Sharma retired from international cricket at the age of 32 which is too early for any passionate cricket player. It was speculated that he had a rough patch with his wife Natasha Singh who was the top actress in Bollywood until she got married. The first few years went smoothly for Siddharth and Natasha. But the false rumors in the media about Natasha’s affair with her co-star Deepak Kumar began creating rift between her and Siddharth. 
After unending fights and disturbances the celebrity couple decided to part ways. They even broke down in the courtroom on the day of their divorce hearing. While Natasha continued her journey in the film industry as a lead actress , Siddharth on the other hand got addicted to alcohol and drugs. He spent almost a year in rehab in order to get rid of his addiction. 
After completing his last day as a patient in rehab Siddharth returned to his home town Patiala from Mumbai. In the flight a pretty girl in her mid-teens sat next to him dressed in a pink salwar kameez. She was surprised to find her favorite cricketer next to her. Unable to control her excitement she kissed Siddharth on both his cheeks. Although Siddharth was a bit embarrassed but he was fascinated by the girl’s natural beauty. She introduced herself as Shikha Dhawan a 1st year college student studying Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Siddharth was impressed by her excellent communication skills and quick wit. They even exchanged phone numbers which was certainly a big deal for Shikha.

For three consecutive years , Siddharth and Shikha remained good friends and on her 20th birthday he proposed her in front of everyone making it public even on social media. When asked about moving on from his divorce with Natasha , he replied that he deserved someone better than her which sparked a fresh controversy. However , Natasha preferred to remain silent over her ex-husband’s comments. 

Even though Siddharth and Shikha had a wide age difference that did not become an obstacle in their relationship. Both were madly in love with each other and wanted to get hitched as soon as possible. Siddharth continued playing the IPL post retirement and started hitting huge sixes rekindling his lost form and love for cricket. He gave the entire credit to his young ladylove Shikha who restored his faith in love after a bitter divorce.

Beating Heart

Soniya , Mahi and Pranav are the kids of three couples – Dev & Kajal , Jai & Tina and Gaurav & Roma. These couples were family friends and were inseparable. But one fateful night they died in a deadly car accident on the way to Pune for picnic. Their kids were studying in a boarding school in London at that time. After learning about the untimely death of their parents the kids got shattered and took almost an year to recover. Coincidentally three of them were of the same age but each kid had a unique personality.

Soniya was a tomboy , brash and carefree while Mahi was just her opposite – girly , polite and responsible. On the other hand Pranav was smart , sincere and serious. Years passed and three of them grew into stunning youngsters. They lived in the same house which was owned by their guardian Adarsh Gupta , the common friend of their respective parents. However , Adarsh too passed away because of stomach cancer just a year before Soniya , Mahi and Pranav’s graduation. Pranav took over Adarsh’s business as he didn’t have any successor to inherit his property. While Mahi began working in an IT firm , Soniya wasted her time partying and procrastinating.

Pranav had a soft corner for Mahi but it was just confined to the boundaries of friendship. Soniya hated Pranav and Mahi because of their closeness to each other although she never figured out the reason behind her envy. Pranav was worried about Soniya’s health as she used to smoke and drink a lot . He yelled at her and hid his concern which infuriated her quite often. This led to intense fights between Soniya and Pranav bringing them to the peaks of hate. Mahi became the moderator and sorted out their issues most of the time. In the process , she began developing feelings for Pranav and made attempts to draw his attention towards her.

On a rainy day , Mahi seduced Pranav in his bedroom although he didn’t like her motives. While he was retreating , she was moving further closer and all of a sudden Soniya walked past the room and saw them as the door was open. Pranav and Mahi were shocked to see her while she was deeply upset to find them in a compromising position. She ran towards her room and locked herself. Pranav pushed Mahi aside and went away. He knocked Soniya’s bedroom door but she didn’t respond. He became anxious and felt guilty for hurting Soniya although he was reluctant to get intimate with Mahi. After several requests made by Pranav she opened the door. Mahi was in a state of rage and couldn’t fathom why Pranav didn’t show interest towards her. While Soniya sobbed like an infant for twenty minutes. Pranav tried to pacify her but in vain. He even apologized for engaging in such a shameful act by Mahi and assured Soniya that there was nothing brewing between him and Mahi. In a state of rage , Soniya confessed that she loved Pranav madly. That was why she grew jealous whenever he spoke with Mahi in a friendly manner. Pranav too realized that deep beneath his hatred lay his true love for Soniya which he always denied because she was a bad girl. But little did he know that her bad habits attracted him more towards her. Whenever she was in trouble he became her saviour. Finally , they embraced each other with warmth and grace and Mahi saw them. She rushed to the terrace and committed suicide as she couldn’t accept the fact that the man she loved was in love with someone else.

Destiny wanted Soniya and Pranav to unite and hence they ended up together. Both their hearts were beating for each other since childhood but their personalities were different which is why they were arch rivals initially. But eventually they became a couple and kick-started their happy and blessed married life.

Chalk ‘N’ Cheese

Tasha Williams lived in 36 , Anderson Road located in the suburbs of Helsinki , Norway. Born to an African American father and British mother , Tasha was the apple of everyone’s eye. She shared a deep bond with her younger sister Sasha but lost her in a car accident at the age of twelve. From then onwards , Tasha’s parents became very protective about her as they could not afford losing another daughter.

Tasha had an olive skin and short wavy hair. She was a naughty kid and spoilt brat. She even became an atheist post her sister’s brutal death as she thought if there were any god then Tasha would have been alive. In order to prevent Tasha from indulging in bad habits such as alcohol addiction & late night partying her parents set up a bodyguard for her right from the beginning of her teenage. His name was Ashton Snyder , 6 ft , fair , lean and muscular. He followed Tasha everywhere except the toilet. Initially , Tasha hated her hot & strict bodyguard for invading her privacy and curbing her freedom but little did she know that she would one day lose her mind , body & soul to him.

During the wee hours of Thursday , Tasha walked slowly towards Ashton who was standing outside her bedroom. She stared at him for a minute and then began making out with him. As she unbuttoned his black shirt , Ashton breathed heavily and his heart began beating rapidly. He whispered in Tasha’s ears that she wasn’t doing the right thing. But she paid no heed to his words and told him that it took her 5 years to realize that Ashton was her dream man. Although both of them had a 12 year age gap , where in Tasha was 18 and Ashton was 30. However , Tasha was adamant about her feelings for Ashton and firmly believed that age is never a factor when it comes to love.

Tasha and Ashton had intercourse for the first time in their life. Both lost their virginity at 18 and 30 respectively. It was bizarre that Ashton never had a romantic relationship because he was wary of love until Tasha drew him crazy with her sweet face and affectionate words.

When your bodyguard is extremely caring and too hot to handle then who would refrain from falling in love ? Same thing happened with young Tasha. She found a friend , guide and guardian in Ashton. He was there for her during the toughest times. He never asked anything in return and even gave her a share of his wages so that she could spend freely when her parents stopped giving her pocket money as she secured poor grades at school.

Tasha and Ashton were like chalk & cheese. While she was delicate and carefree , Ashton was rough and tough. One day her parents came to know about their affair and even threatened to kill Ashton if they didn’t break up. They were not at all willing to accept their daughter’s relationship with a bodyguard.

Eventually , Tasha and Ashton came to decision which would change their lives all together drastically. They decided to flee from Norway and move to some distant place where nobody could find them.

Tasha got married to her dashing bodyguard in a local church at Barbados. She officially became Mrs. Snyder on her 19th birthday and lived happily ever with Ashton in the Carribean Island.


Push aside your responsibilities atleast tonite for me.

Not working a day won’t destroy your life baby.

Come closer to my unchained body and tangle up.

Exhale hard when I bite you like a tiny bed bug.

Derive the hidden pleasures with just one touch.

Make yourself comfortable without any grudge.

Clouds of intense love pave way for scary thunder.

All I want from you right now is a sweet surrender.

A Walk To Remember

When clouds poured chilling drops of rain

I stood under your umbrella.

Never heard the words of affection before

as you spoke like a nice fella.

Walking on the streets wasn’t that fun until

I moved step by step with you.

Glittering eyes of yours pulled me so close

and it seemed out of the blue.

Home sweet home arrived minutes later so

I had to wave you good bye.

That smile you gave as a mark of courtesy

almost forced me to badly cry.


He’s the angel with bright blue eyes

always attentive and on time.

He’s the giant who hates all bullies

kicking their ass to end crime.

He’s the leader guiding the masses

without an inch of arrogance.

He’s the partner showering his love

like a saint performing penance.

He’s the friend in good & bad times

wiping tears when I yelp.

He’s the guardian of this universe

never a second late to help.

Father Dearest

You are the silver lining in every cloud

who lights the lamp of posititivity.

You are the pillar of strength in my life

who never gives up responsibility.

You have a heart which is made of gold

that beats for all the needy souls.

You fought the odds to prove your worth

in order to achieve life’s goals.

You are mom’s Knight in shining armour​

who swept her off the feet.

You are the enticing​ rainbow on the sky​

full of life &​ extremely sweet.

You always stood behind me like a rock

during the times of trouble.

You reprimand me whenever I’m wrong

and get me out of the bubble.

You shine like a thousand splendid suns

impressing you is like climbing Everest.

You are the greatest asset that I possess

and I love you deeply Father​ Dearest.