Daksh Khanna was the quintessential good boy of Lonavala High and every chick adored him. But he only loved his studies more than anything else. Muktee Gupta was the class topper every year and also a winner of eight gold medals in swimming. She was always dressed in fancy clothes like a celebrity and craved everyone’s attention. On the other hand Yamini Verma was a plain Jane without makeup and always messed up.

During project allotment , Daksh & Yamini were paired together and their topic was to explain “the law of attraction.” Both had similar tastes in terms of books , movies and music. So it wasn’t difficult for both to work together for a project.

Whilst they were engrossed in preparation , Muktee grew jealous. She tried her level best to trap Yamini so that she could replace her just to be with Daksh. But fate wanted him and Yamini united so all the evil tricks of Muktee failed miserably.

The best project award went to Daksh & Yamini and the whole school was proud. After a couple of days they realized that during the process of working together both of them actually fell for each other. On a warm Sunday afternoon in May , Daksh stood in the backyard of Yamini’s house with a thing wrapped in white paper. Yamini came running down silently and told him to go away. But he didn’t. He removed the paper and the thing turned out to be a bouquet filled with red roses. Daksh fell to his knees and confessed his love for Yamini. She started crying like a baby and embraced him saying that she too loved him.

Love after Divorce  

Siddharth Sharma retired from international cricket at the age of 32 which is too early for any passionate cricket player. It was speculated that he had a rough patch with his wife Natasha Singh who was the top actress in Bollywood until she got married. The first few years went smoothly for Siddharth and Natasha. But the false rumors in the media about Natasha’s affair with her co-star Deepak Kumar began creating rift between her and Siddharth. 
After unending fights and disturbances the celebrity couple decided to part ways. They even broke down in the courtroom on the day of their divorce hearing. While Natasha continued her journey in the film industry as a lead actress , Siddharth on the other hand got addicted to alcohol and drugs. He spent almost a year in rehab in order to get rid of his addiction. 
After completing his last day as a patient in rehab Siddharth returned to his home town Patiala from Mumbai. In the flight a pretty girl in her mid-teens sat next to him dressed in a pink salwar kameez. She was surprised to find her favorite cricketer next to her. Unable to control her excitement she kissed Siddharth on both his cheeks. Although Siddharth was a bit embarrassed but he was fascinated by the girl’s natural beauty. She introduced herself as Shikha Dhawan a 1st year college student studying Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Siddharth was impressed by her excellent communication skills and quick wit. They even exchanged phone numbers which was certainly a big deal for Shikha.

For three consecutive years , Siddharth and Shikha remained good friends and on her 20th birthday he proposed her in front of everyone making it public even on social media. When asked about moving on from his divorce with Natasha , he replied that he deserved someone better than her which sparked a fresh controversy. However , Natasha preferred to remain silent over her ex-husband’s comments. 

Even though Siddharth and Shikha had a wide age difference that did not become an obstacle in their relationship. Both were madly in love with each other and wanted to get hitched as soon as possible. Siddharth continued playing the IPL post retirement and started hitting huge sixes rekindling his lost form and love for cricket. He gave the entire credit to his young ladylove Shikha who restored his faith in love after a bitter divorce.

Post Paroxysm

Two years of indefatigable brawling

culminated with a passionate kiss.

 He fell for me and I too fell for him

 on the consuming night of bliss.

 Those magnetic eyes of his blew my

mind miles away from realism.

We stood upon the lake of ecstacy

luxuriating in post paroxsym.

In his arms

In his arms ,

I felt

eternal harmony.

In his arms ,

I got rid of

all cacophony.

In his arms ,

I breathed

a sigh of relief.

In his arms ,

I restored

my lost belief.

In his arms ,

I went

into deep sleep.

In his arms ,

I forgot

how to weep.

In his arms ,

I found

seventh heaven.

In his arms ,

I saw

nothing mundane.

In his arms ,

I dreamt

beautiful things.

In his arms ,

I fell

with broken wings.

In his arms ,

I grumbled

like a baby girl.

In his arms ,

I sparkled

like a shiny pearl.


Push aside your responsibilities atleast tonite for me.

Not working a day won’t destroy your life baby.

Come closer to my unchained body and tangle up.

Exhale hard when I bite you like a tiny bed bug.

Derive the hidden pleasures with just one touch.

Make yourself comfortable without any grudge.

Clouds of intense love pave way for scary thunder.

All I want from you right now is a sweet surrender.

A Fascinating Rainy Day

Rain drops cleansed the dirty roads like a maid mops the floor of our house. The trees in the community park moved left and right as the strong wind held them captive. 

An old man was walking slowly with a black umbrella on his left hand and a milk can on his right hand. When everyone​ passing by were waving to him he couldn’t move his hands but pleased​ them with a smile.

Two adult pigeons sat on the electric pole placed near my home. They heard a giant thunder from above and then flew far away to a safer place unable to bear the sound.

I saw the sky getting extremely darker reluctant to return to it’s placid state. I attached headphones to my dry ears craving for some musical treat. Then I danced in my porch to “Wildest Dreams” merrily.