Facing the sunlight


The antique objects didn’t excite me much while I lay in the room.

Inhaling the dust caused cough that
even syrup couldn not cure.

And later I decided to jump out of my
bed to sense the ideal nature.

All the fatigue disappeared as soon I
sat outside facing the sunlight.

There stood a lonely tree in the deserted valley.

Unperturbed by the noises of a concrete jungle.

Sky was crystal clear sans any blemish upon it.

Dried up grass awaited tiny li’l droplets of rain.

But it appeared as if the clouds were in hiding.

Disappointed with the absence of lush greenery.

Night never sparkled like a sunny day ever before.

And beautiful darkness spread all over like wildfire.

The HillsĀ 

There’s something sinister about

those hills in the backdrop.

No one knows the magic behind

them which allures us all.

Lush greenery is a boon to the

hungry eyes vying for love.

Stature of a hundred trees is

sky high limning their bulk.

Rugged arena attracts many

drifting minds near its core.

Whilst the invisible wind plays

hide and seek quite astutely.