Is it a crime to remain idle? Well, that’s what everyone says. Wasting time, watching tv, chatting with friends, etc, etc. But these things are actually quite interesting compared to the boring lectures that we hear in classrooms which are already published in the textbooks. Being jobless is again treated like a communicable disease that makes a person feel like an “untouchable”. Being idle is feeling the real self which has remained hidden deep within. To enhance creativity, elevate capacity and expand curiosity idleness is much needed. When a purpose is added it makes idleness also productive. Writers, poets and artists utilize their idleness to visualize a beautiful concept. Let’s not take idleness too seriously as if it a contagion. If used as a tool it can create wonders 😎😎😎.

Peace of Mind

The world is too noisy as we all know. We are a part of this despite the unwanted voices that we are forced to hear. An individual has lots of aspirations among which peace is the most essential one. When the people around him/her keep interrupting like roadblocks the person feels irritated. 

‘Concern’ is such a overused term that our elders keep reiterating it to justify their behavior. Solitude is a boon which only a few can enjoy fearlessly. But often it is misquoted as loneliness which completely spoils the essence of the word. Many of us need space and a little privacy to introspect our strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately , someone bursts the bubble and disturbs our concentration. 

A human being wants to be free from the chains of responsibility. But it’s easier said than done. Relationships aren’t affectionate anymore because of the heavy baggage that we have to bear as a consequence of growing expectations.

Amid the chaos and confusion all an individual needs is a peace of mind. The universe won’t collapse if we turned a weirdo for a day. 

“Allow me to experience solitude for a while and I will do whatever you say.”


Critics don’t matter 

An individual begins a project investing time , energy and capital with a belief that he would receive a positive outcome. But there aren’t roads without speedbreakers. They keep blocking our spirit and progress. 

Critics claim to be highly educated geniuses who can judge almost any piece of art in which they are specialized. But how can someone decide whether a style of work is good or bad for the entire population ? 

Why should I read a book on the basis of the rating that critics give ? Similarly , how do I trust a critic who gives a one star rating for a Blockbuster movie ? These are valid questions that I am asking. 

I often hear friends of mine refer to the ratings of the book/movie/other products as if they do not have a yardstick to decide whether to try the stuff or not. People cannot lose their discretion to mere critics. 

Our brains aren’t exercised in a full fledged manner. Customers should be smarter than the producers only then will a free and fair market​ prevail. 

These critics make money irrespective of their analysis of a particular product. But who’s the big loser here folks ? It is us. We customers are being deceived by the critics deliberately. 

Self analysis is the best analysis. Even if you have limited knowledge , kindly​ use it. It doesn’t require a penny trust me. Don’t let the critics rule your choices and lifestyle. You know what’s good​ for your life better than a random person who calls himself a critic. 

Experience teaches you a lot better than some individual perspective. 

Therefore , trust your instincts more than anybody even if he happens to be an expert.