Frozen heart of hers melted with a glimpse of his incredible face.

Those roaring sounds stopped echoing out of the palace gate.

Standing on the cliff of a mountain they held hands like soul mates.

Watching them together the world realized that their union was fate.


Inside the sinister caves of a gigantic hill

began a beautiful relationship.

The heat had sprung up from the fireplace

as the guy bit the girl’s upper lip.

Nightfall caused a soothing silence around

whilst the owl beheld them kiss.

Hungry bodies were freed from all clothes

ready to bathe in the sea of bliss.

Dazzling Eyes

When the sword cut through my throat

I collapsed upon a sea of blood.

He ran faster than light to protect me

by lifting my body from the mud.

Heart began beating fast and furious

while he kissed my forehead twice.

Adrenaline rush registered a new high

after beholding his dazzling eyes.


Young hearts got pulled towards love

despite resisting every time.

Fear gripped their bones like a ghost

haunting their guilty mind.

But the chemicals in both their bodies

couldn’t keep feelings hidden.

He fell for her and she fell for him

for a cupid that was forbidden.