Warrior Queen

I stood amid the sea of bloodshed

holding my sword upside down.

The disgusting devil ain’t dead yet

in the fierce battle for the crown.

To preserve the honour of elders

my ailing heart decided not to cry.

I wiped the wound on my breasts

standing still as I didn’t wanna die.

Arrows could not harm even an inch

since my combat skills were awesome.

The enemy glared with burning eyes

regretting his move that was flawsome.

I had a powerful rifle hidden in the back

which was intact without losing its sheen.

The bullet struck hard my opponent’s chest

and the crowd hailed me as the

“Warrior Queen” !!! 

One fine day

Light up the tintless candles

with five gentle fingers.

Sip the steamy filter coffee 

as if time never lingers.

Catch the gentle breeze

like it is a tangible object.

Random pick a textbook

that belongs to any subject.

When your finally tired

collapse on the comfy cot.

Pull the damn tv remote

& enjoy scenes that are hot.