Irrestible thee with hotness overloaded,

after seeing you my heart just exploded.

Since I love exercising control over a guy,

thy delicious lips is what I ended up kissing.

The touch of thy suave hands made me ecstatic,

as though gelid wind penetrated into my body.

Thee caressed my forehead with savory peck,

electrifying all my senses like an ocean current.

Passion seldom became a roadblock for love birds,

including us who resorted to crazy kinds of ways.

Thy purely affectionate submission towards me,

transformed our existence into epic divinity.

The limitless urge to swim in the

pool of your giant heart ,

reverberated in my ears as though

it was a sweet melody.

Your gigantic arms dragged my

senses like an ocean current ,

simultaneously mesmerized the

lonely little heart of me.

I still remember the darkness

that had engulfed my life ,

vanished into thin air unable to

stand your mighty force.

You held me close with extreme

care and sheer affection ,

as I drove my fragile fingers all

over your body out of fear.

Inhaling the narcotic earnestness

I began caressing your lips ,

which not so surprisingly aroused

in me an intense aphrodosia.

Infinite Sand

 What a spectacle it turned out to be

 when he pulled her suavely.

She encircled him like the galaxy

whilst relishing the moment.

The waves beckoned him & her

to the sea bed filled with pearls.

But the couple drowned in love

engulfed with the infinite sand.

Kiss of Lust

Hunger crept into the body

like silence before the storm.

Chemicals ran a marathon

releasing air that was warm.

Clouds assembled in the dark

pouring gelid drops of rain.

Attempts made by summer to

spread heat went in vain.

Bare chests came under the spell

of a celebrated drug called love.

An exalting epilogue commenced

signifying the attribute of a dove.

Sacrifices after all bore the fruit

implying there’s no need to adjust.

Star-crossed souls met their fate

sultrily savoring the kiss of lust.

In his arms

In his arms ,

I felt

eternal harmony.

In his arms ,

I got rid of

all cacophony.

In his arms ,

I breathed

a sigh of relief.

In his arms ,

I restored

my lost belief.

In his arms ,

I went

into deep sleep.

In his arms ,

I forgot

how to weep.

In his arms ,

I found

seventh heaven.

In his arms ,

I saw

nothing mundane.

In his arms ,

I dreamt

beautiful things.

In his arms ,

I fell

with broken wings.

In his arms ,

I grumbled

like a baby girl.

In his arms ,

I sparkled

like a shiny pearl.


Push aside your responsibilities atleast tonite for me.

Not working a day won’t destroy your life baby.

Come closer to my unchained body and tangle up.

Exhale hard when I bite you like a tiny bed bug.

Derive the hidden pleasures with just one touch.

Make yourself comfortable without any grudge.

Clouds of intense love pave way for scary thunder.

All I want from you right now is a sweet surrender.