Vinay lost Maya in a car accident just a couple of days after their marriage. He was interviewed by lots of journalists post that incident and Janvi happened to be one of them. She was dressed in a baggy pant and blue tee. He picked up a fight with her for asking silly questions which hurt her a lot. She tried to forget his insulting words but couldn’t get over him. One fine day she met him in a supermarket and tried sorting out their differences. Surprisingly, Vinay also wanted to apologise for his mean behavior. They became good friends from then onwards and frequently met each other in restaurants and parks. After a lot of contemplating by both they realized that there was something more than just friendship between them. On 5th July, 2018 which was Janvi’s birthday, Vinay officially proposed her with a diamond ring. He confessed that he fell in love for the second time and would treat her better than he did to his late lover cum wife Maya. Janvi was touched by his sentimental gestures and immediately accepted his love.

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