Soniya , Mahi and Pranav are the kids of three couples – Dev & Kajal , Jai & Tina and Gaurav & Roma. These couples were family friends and were inseparable. But one fateful night they died in a deadly car accident on the way to Pune for picnic. Their kids were studying in a boarding school in London at that time. After learning about the untimely death of their parents the kids got shattered and took almost an year to recover. Coincidentally three of them were of the same age but each kid had a unique personality.

Soniya was a tomboy , brash and carefree while Mahi was just her opposite – girly , polite and responsible. On the other hand Pranav was smart , sincere and serious. Years passed and three of them grew into stunning youngsters. They lived in the same house which was owned by their guardian Adarsh Gupta , the common friend of their respective parents. However , Adarsh too passed away because of stomach cancer just a year before Soniya , Mahi and Pranav’s graduation. Pranav took over Adarsh’s business as he didn’t have any successor to inherit his property. While Mahi began working in an IT firm , Soniya wasted her time partying and procrastinating.

Pranav had a soft corner for Mahi but it was just confined to the boundaries of friendship. Soniya hated Pranav and Mahi because of their closeness to each other although she never figured out the reason behind her envy. Pranav was worried about Soniya’s health as she used to smoke and drink a lot . He yelled at her and hid his concern which infuriated her quite often. This led to intense fights between Soniya and Pranav bringing them to the peaks of hate. Mahi became the moderator and sorted out their issues most of the time. In the process , she began developing feelings for Pranav and made attempts to draw his attention towards her.

On a rainy day , Mahi seduced Pranav in his bedroom although he didn’t like her motives. While he was retreating , she was moving further closer and all of a sudden Soniya walked past the room and saw them as the door was open. Pranav and Mahi were shocked to see her while she was deeply upset to find them in a compromising position. She ran towards her room and locked herself. Pranav pushed Mahi aside and went away. He knocked Soniya’s bedroom door but she didn’t respond. He became anxious and felt guilty for hurting Soniya although he was reluctant to get intimate with Mahi. After several requests made by Pranav she opened the door. Mahi was in a state of rage and couldn’t fathom why Pranav didn’t show interest towards her. While Soniya sobbed like an infant for twenty minutes. Pranav tried to pacify her but in vain. He even apologized for engaging in such a shameful act by Mahi and assured Soniya that there was nothing brewing between him and Mahi. In a state of rage , Soniya confessed that she loved Pranav madly. That was why she grew jealous whenever he spoke with Mahi in a friendly manner. Pranav too realized that deep beneath his hatred lay his true love for Soniya which he always denied because she was a bad girl. But little did he know that her bad habits attracted him more towards her. Whenever she was in trouble he became her saviour. Finally , they embraced each other with warmth and grace and Mahi saw them. She rushed to the terrace and committed suicide as she couldn’t accept the fact that the man she loved was in love with someone else.

Destiny wanted Soniya and Pranav to unite and hence they ended up together. Both their hearts were beating for each other since childhood but their personalities were different which is why they were arch rivals initially. But eventually they became a couple and kick-started their happy and blessed married life.

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