Tasha Williams lived in 36 , Anderson Road located in the suburbs of Helsinki , Norway. Born to an African American father and British mother , Tasha was the apple of everyone’s eye. She shared a deep bond with her younger sister Sasha but lost her in a car accident at the age of twelve. From then onwards , Tasha’s parents became very protective about her as they could not afford losing another daughter.

Tasha had an olive skin and short wavy hair. She was a naughty kid and spoilt brat. She even became an atheist post her sister’s brutal death as she thought if there were any god then Tasha would have been alive. In order to prevent Tasha from indulging in bad habits such as alcohol addiction & late night partying her parents set up a bodyguard for her right from the beginning of her teenage. His name was Ashton Snyder , 6 ft , fair , lean and muscular. He followed Tasha everywhere except the toilet. Initially , Tasha hated her hot & strict bodyguard for invading her privacy and curbing her freedom but little did she know that she would one day lose her mind , body & soul to him.

During the wee hours of Thursday , Tasha walked slowly towards Ashton who was standing outside her bedroom. She stared at him for a minute and then began making out with him. As she unbuttoned his black shirt , Ashton breathed heavily and his heart began beating rapidly. He whispered in Tasha’s ears that she wasn’t doing the right thing. But she paid no heed to his words and told him that it took her 5 years to realize that Ashton was her dream man. Although both of them had a 12 year age gap , where in Tasha was 18 and Ashton was 30. However , Tasha was adamant about her feelings for Ashton and firmly believed that age is never a factor when it comes to love.

Tasha and Ashton had intercourse for the first time in their life. Both lost their virginity at 18 and 30 respectively. It was bizarre that Ashton never had a romantic relationship because he was wary of love until Tasha drew him crazy with her sweet face and affectionate words.

When your bodyguard is extremely caring and too hot to handle then who would refrain from falling in love ? Same thing happened with young Tasha. She found a friend , guide and guardian in Ashton. He was there for her during the toughest times. He never asked anything in return and even gave her a share of his wages so that she could spend freely when her parents stopped giving her pocket money as she secured poor grades at school.

Tasha and Ashton were like chalk & cheese. While she was delicate and carefree , Ashton was rough and tough. One day her parents came to know about their affair and even threatened to kill Ashton if they didn’t break up. They were not at all willing to accept their daughter’s relationship with a bodyguard.

Eventually , Tasha and Ashton came to decision which would change their lives all together drastically. They decided to flee from Norway and move to some distant place where nobody could find them.

Tasha got married to her dashing bodyguard in a local church at Barbados. She officially became Mrs. Snyder on her 19th birthday and lived happily ever with Ashton in the Carribean Island.

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