The world is too noisy as we all know. We are a part of this despite the unwanted voices that we are forced to hear. An individual has lots of aspirations among which peace is the most essential one. When the people around him/her keep interrupting like roadblocks the person feels irritated. 

‘Concern’ is such a overused term that our elders keep reiterating it to justify their behavior. Solitude is a boon which only a few can enjoy fearlessly. But often it is misquoted as loneliness which completely spoils the essence of the word. Many of us need space and a little privacy to introspect our strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately , someone bursts the bubble and disturbs our concentration. 

A human being wants to be free from the chains of responsibility. But it’s easier said than done. Relationships aren’t affectionate anymore because of the heavy baggage that we have to bear as a consequence of growing expectations.

Amid the chaos and confusion all an individual needs is a peace of mind. The universe won’t collapse if we turned a weirdo for a day. 

“Allow me to experience solitude for a while and I will do whatever you say.”


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