Deep within my delicate heart

existed a picture of you.

I could not fathom how we fell

in love at first sight babe.

Every day and every night you

take care of my necessities.

How can I thank you enough is

something I still don’t know.

And then I decided to capture

our moments as a gift for ya.

Lovable Lust

I slept on his bare chest beside the sea shore. His lower body was naked below the blanket that covered both of us completely. I shivered out of cold breeze that hit my skin but he engulfed me with his omg-so-sexy arms. He filled me deep inside to sense the ecstasy of lovable lust.

Great Detachment


Six senses flying in heaven as though they aren’t sinning anymore.

Away from the noises of responsibility that beckons to do chores.

Good days are finally in the driver’s seat to create total enchantment.

Really glad to announce that I’m a part of the great detachment.

Sweet as sugar


Venice trip seemed really awesomeย 

because of your good company.

Walking miles sans stopping by a

shop kinda looked cool honestly.

The waitor in the restaurant called

us a cute couple filled with glee.

Sweet as sugar happened to be the

kiss that you adorably gave to me.

Facing the sunlight


The antique objects didn’t excite me much while I lay in the room.

Inhaling the dust caused cough that
even syrup couldn not cure.

And later I decided to jump out of my
bed to sense the ideal nature.

All the fatigue disappeared as soon I
sat outside facing the sunlight.

Shot dead



Sunday night we went to a club to celebrate his 26th birthday.

He cut the cake with a happy face whilst a man in black came there.

Before we could even blink an eye
a bullet struck my boyfriend’s chest.

It was a terrorist attack that ended my hopes as the guy I loved was shot dead.


Frozen heart of hers melted with a glimpse of his incredible face.

Those roaring sounds stopped echoing out of the palace gate.

Standing on the cliff of a mountain they held hands like soul mates.

Watching them together the world realized that their union was fate.

Is it a crime to remain idle? Well, that’s what everyone says. Wasting time, watching tv, chatting with friends, etc, etc. But these things are actually quite interesting compared to the boring lectures that we hear in classrooms which are already published in the textbooks. Being jobless is again treated like a communicable disease that makes a person feel like an “untouchable”. Being idle is feeling the real self which has remained hidden deep within. To enhance creativity, elevate capacity and expand curiosity idleness is much needed. When a purpose is added it makes idleness also productive. Writers, poets and artists utilize their idleness to visualize a beautiful concept. Let’s not take idleness too seriously as if it a contagion. If used as a tool it can create wonders ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž.

Monday arrived like a thunderstorm that hit me hard without a fight.

The neighbors cursed me for ignoring them by not giving even a single reply.

But I made peace with the fact that I love someone more whose words I can’t defy.

It’s you who adored my numerous flaws by calling me all the time as “cutie pie”.

Haters everywhere and loved ones only pretend.

She wasn’t given her due as all wanted to offend.

Left alone on the desert she craved for means to dwell.

Nobody heard her cry whilst she begged for a little help.

Growing up was easy for her as she resembled the cute dove.

But adulthood betrayed her as she ended up alone seeking love.

When I saw you in the palace where you live last year,

I never thought I would fall for you at the first sight.

Although you did feel the same way for me then,

but still I never conveyed my feelings to you once.

Maybe my ego came in front of me before I even,

could confess that my heart always kept calling you.

Love life ain’t as easy as I thought it would be maybe,

I didn’t deserve the affection you had for me my baby.

The moments that we spent cannot be forgotten,

even if I rejected to live with your big joint family.

Now that you have moved on with someone new,

All I have is the shades of you and your memories.

They grabbed eyeballs of everyone in the city with their sizzling chemistry.

She was from South and he was from the North looking like some fantasy.

Hey beautiful! is what he called her whilst she tried hard to make money.

In the end they turned into faded lovers because of the religious rivalry.